Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Happy Holidays

We were lucky enough to get a break from the cold Ohio winter and went down to sunny and warm Florida for our Christmas.

As with all good trips, ours started off by waking up early to catch a flight. The boys were dazed and confused but willing to obey because Mommy kept mentioning the words "ride on a plane".

After the flying was over, the trip was nothing but fun and relaxing with family. We managed to play a little tennis everyday... and night. (Here's uncle Trevor showing off his graceful style.)

Calvin and Noah loved picking oranges from the backyard with grandpa and making them into juice. They also learned how to feed and chase Grandpa's newest additions to the family. (There are five more chickens as well.) And yes, it crows every morning at the first glimpse of sunlight and keeps crowing until it is sure everyone is awake and stirring inside the house.

Calvin was in heaven when Grandpa brought his plane home for repairs.

Grammy always has the house decorated beautifully for the holidays and Noah loved it all, especially the nativity animals.

The boys were of course spoiled by Grammy and Grandpa.

All of the fun new toys and goodies made it especially hard on Calvin's sharing abilities.

I was very excited to surprise RB with my gift to him this year. For the past few years/ ever since we were married, we've had issues about the number of t-shirts he has and insists on keeping. (He has actually gone through the trash to save them.) So I found a way to preserve his precious memories and intramural championships t's and make them functional as well...

... and he was only slightly upset that he wouldn't be wearing some of them anymore.


Kristin said...

Love the blanket, and the boys pjs, so cute.

~LisaLou~ said...

Hi Care,
I love the blanket. I have some old t-shirts of Mrs. Carlsons that I want to make into a quilt, but didn't know how. Did you have to do anything special to use the t-shirts in the quilt?
The boys are getting so big and cute and they sound like a lot of fun!
Love ya, Lisa

Care said...

Hey Lisa! All I did was get some really thin iron-on interfacing from Joann's for about $.99/yd. Adhere that and cut them how you want and you're good to go. Making the pattern up was the hardest part.
Good luck and let me know if I can help!

Cindy said...

Care, love that quilt! It looks like you had a great holiday in florida! Love ya!


Valerie said...

I love the pictures of the boys dazed and confused. It made me laugh-out-loud. And Owen can so relate with the whole sharing thing too. Very cool quilt. What a great idea!

Ohio Rasmussens said...

Carolee...Awesome job on the quilt! You are one talented girl! I am also going to have to pick your brain on how to do the quilt. I love reading your posts...the Halloween one was my favorite!

kristi lee said...

Fun holiday pics. . .we got the little smart cycle bike too and the kids really like it.

Julia said...

ooo shoot, some of those shirts are from high school!

Anthony said...

Just for the record i feel old writting on this. But this story about the shirts is very similer to dad and him saving everything. P.S. Did i mention i got a shirt for football?

Anne said...

Woah, that's a rad quilt. (Yes, I finally found your blog and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. :)