Friday, February 8, 2008

A lesson on girls

The difference between little boys and girls has never been made so apparent to me as it was last Wednesday. My sweet friend let me watch her little girl who is a few months younger than Noah and the boys tried their hardest to make her feel comfortable in our home.

This meant of course, that I found myself saying all of the following:

Boys, stop growling at her.

Stop Noah, that's called a bow. It's meant to be there.

Calvin, it's ok if she doesn't want the monster truck.

Please don't aim at her face.

No, you can't "run her over" if she's in the way.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to play Tackle-Wrestle right now.

After trying everything they could think of to make her happy, they gave up and defaulted back to racing around the house with cars. This gave me the chance to play with her alone and I thoroughly enjoyed our quiet and peaceful time looking at books, stacking blocks, and sorting shapes. I wasn't once hit in the head by any flying objects and I had spent more than five minutes sitting down in one place. It was amazing!

When snack time came around, the boys were getting a better feel about how to treat girls. I was very impressed as they sat quietly at their table with her and even offered to share their goldfish and raisins. In doing so, this meant that they had dibs on her pretzels and apples.


Kristin said...

I long for a girl, but I believe if I ever get one, she will be as rough and tough as the boys so she doesn't get killed in our house.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. Oh that's funny. Carolee you are such a doll! So sweet! Boys will be boys, and i wonder, how will my son (if i get one) treat girls. I love it that they are learning the difference between girls and boys. TOOOO funny!

Valerie said...

Carolee you kill me! The picture of the boys was too cute. What a funny day to see them interact with the little girl. I wonder how mine little guys would do too, since they're always around boys. Hopefully, we'll both get a girl sometime in our families.

~LisaLou~ said...

What a cute picture! I am amazed at the difference between boys and girls also. Trucks, cars, swords... so much fun. My girl loves to play dress up and put on make up. Every night when I go to tuck her in, she is wearing shimmery pink lipgloss. (Smile!) Ridge likes to fall asleep with his cars under his pillow and a knight in his hand. He wore his spiderman costume for 2 weeks straight! I Love it!

Dehner Family said...

Cute Blog Carolee. I laughed while reading your post - it's right on about the differences between boys and girls. Unfortunatley for me, I had my girl first and was thrown into reality when Myles came. Although the emotional breakdowns of girls tend to level things out.
See you on our next run (if my knees can take it :)

Laurie said...

Boys and girls really are different. You're right on about never sitting still for five minutes. I once went visiting teaching and my companion's 2 year old daughter sat on her lap the entire visit. I was shocked!

My older boys are at the stage now where they just don't like "gru-rls." Hopefully that stage lasts quite a while! :)

LONICA said...

There's always a good story to be had from the Jone's. Today in nursery Noah was tackle-wrestling one of the other boys. I can only imagine what it would be like with an unsuspecting girl! I hope someday you get a little girl. Your boys are awesome, but every mother deserves a little girl!