Friday, August 22, 2008

Soccer Camp

Calvin went to soccer camp this summer.
He absolutely loved it.

Running onto the field for the first time...

Noah was a little upset when he found out that
two year-olds weren't allowed on the field.

...he cheered up quickly when he found out he could still get a drink of powerade anyway.

Classic Calvin. How many little kids have been conned this time into listening to whatever it is he felt necessary to share?

Calvin has waited for a long time to finally be on a "team" of his own. He had asked daily as the camp drew closer and closer what color he would be and who the bad guys were. This was taken moments before Calvin was reprimanded for trash-talking to the green team- let's just say it happened more than once.

Thanks to daddy's previous training, Calvin had an idea of what to do on the field.

This is Ellie. Being the fastest out of the age group and also understanding why she was on the field (see boy on right), she immediately became Calvin's nemesis.

I was a little concerned about how Calvin would react to the tough competition. Here is a previous example of how he has coped with feeling threatened:

The first time sweet Ellie ran past Calvin en route to a goal, our little boy decided he'd go for the tackle instead... luckily he missed and the coaches/mother intervened. As it turns out, she is the daughter of the ex-european professional soccer player who ran the entire camp. Way to go Calvin.

Noah decided he didn't need a coach to show him how to kick a ball.

The final day of camp, they rewarded all of the players- and stocky little blonde brothers of players- with popsicles. Nothing can make a hot, sweaty little Calvin happier than a bright red popsicle. Nothing can make him sadder than when it breaks... this sequence of events was hilarious to watch, hopefully you can get the gist of it by the pictures. (click on it to see larger version, grammy)

#1, Calvin's reaction to his popsicle breaking.
#2, Noah gloating that his is still in one piece.
#3, Noah about to dig in.
#4, Karmic retribution.


LONICA said...

How funny! I never have anything very clever to say, but just want to let you know how much I enjoy your posts and your funny little sons. Noah cracks me up. He often gets overshadowed by Calvin, but he is absolutely hilarious. I know, just ask him to sing "the bird song."

Kristin said...

Too funny, I love Noah's facal expressions, that kid cracks me up.

su-tang 3000 said...

great photos. RB's handiwork?

Jessika said...

So fun! Your posts are always so entertaining and delightful. Thanks for sharing! I'm coming to Columbus tomorrow!!! Maybe I'll see you?

Laurie said...

Such great pics--the color is incredible.

The subjects are darling too.

Valerie said...

What a little soccer stud Calvin is. And Noah is too cute for words. Just love that little guy's many faces. Looks like a fun camp, and I too, would love to know what Calvin was telling those other kids on the side-line :)

Lacey Evanson Stewart said...

Calvin is awesome! I cannot wait until our kids can play soccer together and be dominators like Stew and RB! I wish we could be there and see you moreoften. Your boys are so cute! We are planning on going to Utah in December, so let us know when you have your tickets!


Steph said...

I hate it when my Popsicle breaks in half too so I can empathize with you little Cal!

AnnDee said...

I'm jealous Jake didn't get in on that Soccer camp -- it looked like great fun! Your boys could entertain me all day long. Please let me borrow them as often as possible. Jake and Luke both talk about Calvin and Bubba all day long. :)