Sunday, November 2, 2008

After Trick-or-Treating

After the boys had completely worn themselves out trick-or-treating (tiring, yet rewarding work for little boys), we thought that bedtime - for once - would be easy.
  • Removed the face paint and costumes
  • Dished out allotted candy ration for night
  • Hid the rest of the candy
  • Brushed teeth
  • Pajamas on
  • In bed, lights out
  • Started a movie with hopes of few interruptions
Hours later, after not having heard anything throughout the movie, RB went to check in on the boys. Noah was shirtless, as always, but asleep. Calvin, on the other hand, was fully awake, sitting up in bed.

RB: Calvin, it's so late, what are you doing still awake?

Calvin: Not eating that candy (pointing to a round object covered by his blanket).

RB then uncovered the once full trick-or-treating bag of candy and noticed the chocolate covered fingers, mouth, and sheets of our little boy. He then asked where all the wrappers were and Calvin slyly pointed under his bed.

I'm a little concerned about what's going to happen when he's smart enough not to give himself away. He's sneakier than we thought. Not to mention this behavior was once again reinforced due to RB's inability to refrain from laughing at this sequence of events. And for those keeping track, this isn't the first time Calvin has been busted in bed with chocolate.


Laurie said...

LOVE his plea--"NOT eating that candy." Wooheee, you are in for it with that one. I'll wish you good luck already. :)

daveandbri said...

Too funny. Yeah, enjoy the lies while they're still innocent and cute right? I'm also glad to see that we're not the only parents with a chubby kid who likes to strip in bed.

Paradise Found said...

You're definitely in trouble with that boy... of course, I'm sure you already knew that :)

Valerie said...

That is a crack up. And that he actually hid the wrapper evidence under the bed! I loved their costumes. It's always so exciting to see what you end up doing. They look super cute as little ghosts. Owen would love that since he was really into watching Casper the Friendly Ghost this year.

Anonymous said...

that cracks me up! i can always count on a good story when i visit your blog! too fun! you are so lucky to have two lil cutie patooties!

Lacey Evanson Stewart said...

Calvin is hilarious! I am not suprised after the stories we have heard n the past though!! No, worries, your kids are both great little boys!! We are excited to see you guys. Also, check out our blog for some nice pictures of stew's amazing pumpkin. Luckily, I only have one who likes candy, Tyler said he didn't want his halloween candy b/c it in't good for you and gives you a tummy ache.(glad he feels that way for now)