Monday, January 19, 2009

Power of Persuasion

The boys had a friend over the other day who was not that into playing one of Calvin's favorite games- racing around the house in circles.

I got to overhear this conversation as Calvin did his best to entice the little guy:

"But there will be running...."
no response

"... and speed..."
no response

"... and no claws poking you..."

Apparently the lack of claws sealed the deal, and they were all happily running circles in no time. These quick glimpses into the minds of my little boys help me realize that, no, I will never fully understand what goes on inside their heads.


Anne said...

Hahaha. Carolee, you wrote this perfectly. Too funny... and here I was thinking that as soon as Mackenzie could talk, it would be easier to understand her. ;)

Valerie said...

Like Calvin, I'm game for running and speed, but anything involving poking claws is out, so I have to agree with the other little boy because I would've been a little hesitant too. But props to Calvin for working his pursuading skills. Your boys are too funny, Carolee :)

CamilleJohnFam said...

That is very is a good thing the claws are ruled out!

Lacey Evanson Stewart said...

Your kids are hilarious. I could listen to stories about them every day! We cannot wait to see you guys this weekend!!


Michael & Ashley said...

You guys are great! Wait, I mean you guys are the best. :) Crap, I mean I love you guys. ;) ... I'm a little confused. From what I can tell, I have to use a superlative, but then I have an option among the various signs, right?...I mean, right?:). Crap!