Friday, April 3, 2009

Stealth bombers and ballistic missiles

I'm very proud to say that the terms "B-2 Stealth Bomber" and "Ballistic Missiles" have become an integral part of both Calvin's and Noah's vocabulary.

Last weekend we visited the National US Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH and it did not disappoint. The 1980's rock soundtrack being played over the speakers got the boys really into it...

(According to the teacher, Calvin shared with his whole primary class the basic theory behind the Smart Bomb, going into detail about the GPS system it carries.)

The all-time favorite B-2 Stealth Bomber -Aunts and Uncles take note, you will be expected to know all about this, I'm sure.

not happy to be leaving:

Since this little outing, the boys have been playing mostly "airplane attack", drawing very descriptive "battles" involving missiles and stealth bombers, and I've been hit twice in the eye with a flying paper airplane... I get to choose the next destination for our weekend trip.


Craw papa said...

Isn't that a great museum? Your boys are lucky to have someone to always share their interests. Sam is kind of outnumbered here and gets to play with ponies and barbies on more than one occasion.

Jessika said...

I love this post! We went to that museum last fall while Jason was still up in Ohio, it was amazing! Sounds like your boys are having a lot of fun being little boys! So fun to have another one arriving soon. Congrats!