Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Calvin wanted to carve something "really cool," while Noah giggled uncontrollably when, in his words, he found "the weirdest pumpkin" in the patch.

There is no doubt in my mind that this Halloween will be remembered by Calvin and Noah as one of the greatest holidays ever. Between parties, parades, and trunk-or-treats, they amassed an INSANE amount of candy. They were both very pleased with their costumes and received all the admiration and adulation I'm sure they expected.

The only downside, according to our little Mario, was the masked candy givers. Noah decided it wasn't worth the risk to reach into any bowl of a masked stranger- no matter how yummy their treats might look.


Dehner Family said...

They look amazing in their costumes!! And yes, that pumpkin is the coolest one I've ever seen. Glad you guys had such a fun Halloween!!

Nicki said...

Look who remembered they had a blog!
I am a huge fan of family themes. I looked into borrwing three kids this year so that we could go as the Incredibles. For some reason no one wanted to loan me their children. Which is unfortuante as Kevy would be a good Mr. I!

Lacey Evanson Stewart said...

They look awesome! I always look forward to seeing their choice of costume each year! Nice work!! Love the pumpkins! We sure miss you guys!


Jessika said...

Oh those boys are so cute! Great costumes!!! I LOVE the pumpkins too. Noah's pumpkin is awesome! Hope all is well for you guys!

AnnDee said...

Hey! Just caught up on your blog! So cute -- as always. I love the sprinkler incident... Tell RB to talk nicer in the camera - :) I was laughing from the beginning at his commentary. I'm glad Calvin was okay - so funny. You for sure need to send that into AFV.

We need to catch up -- when school starts next week I'll give you a call. I am so glad for the break to be over. My boys are about to kill each other -- just for something to do! :)