Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the butterfly hunter

Boys seem to require a lot of field time.  While one is involved in a practice/game, the others are left to entertain themselves. It's amusing to watch what they come up with. 

Here is Noah playing hide-and-seek in an open field- always exciting.  (We're still working on the whole honesty/no cheating thing.)

Today, Noah spent almost an hour trying to catch one of the many butterflies fluttering around the soccer field sidelines.  He finally managed to capture one and raced over to show me.  Overjoyed, giggling and yelling in his high-pitched voice, he sprinted the whole length of the field.  I tried to match his enthusiasm as he unveiled his yellow winged treasure, which promptly flew away.  

"Mom!  Aren't you happy that I caught that butterfly?!"

"Yes, I'm very happy.  You tried very hard and did it.  That was awesome."

"Well, why didn't you sing a song?"


"Will you sing a song about it?"

"...um, okay..."


Stephanie said...

I would like to hear what you came up with!

Nellie said...

Haha yeah, where's the song? Obviously that should have been your reaction.

Nicole said...

Oh Butterfly, oh butterfly
Why are you so yellow?
You look so pretty
And smell like marshmellow.

Carolee said...

Excellent, aunt nicki! I will defer all original song requests to you from here on out.