Monday, August 6, 2012

"a theo-in-the-door"

Noah came up with a little tune about his baby brother called "a theo-in-the-door" (think "farmer in the dale" melody)It's actually quite catchy.

Brief update on this little guy-
Theo is now, finally, starting to walk around.   

He thinks he can talk and has no problem carrying on a conversation at length- usually involving a systematic pointing at all recognizable surrounding objects.

He's proven to be a fairly good eater, though rice pudding and pizza are his foods of choice. The moment he feels he's had enough, he throws all remaining food (like bowls of cheerios and plates of pasta), so you have to keep a close eye on him.

Reading "Goodnight Moon" and ,again, throwing things are his favorite pastimes.
As far as I can tell, his current goals seem to be to keeping up with the big brothers  and finding out what the inside of the toilet feels like.

Oh, and Bowser is his best friend.  (not sure the feeling is mutual)


Nicole said...

About time T got his own blog post!
These pictures leave no doubt that he is a Jones.

AnnDee said...

How can your baby be that big??? He of course, is just as handsome as the others. We've experienced the throwing food when done around our house. It's so buggie... There they are - happy and eating - and then instantly, every last piece of food is all on my kitchen floor -- sometimes I can catch the plate before it goes too.."auw done" :)

Hope you guys are doing well! I think about you all a lot. If you are ever this way, let me know. (as you know) We just had a little Ohio retreat, and decided next year we want to go out to the east coast. We are thinking S. Carolina... Start thinking about it, cuz it would be SOOO fun to see you. We thought we could get more of you out that way to come join us. Anyway- hug those boys for me, and when life gets crazy, know that you have a few others who are feeling the exact same way!! :)