Sunday, December 30, 2012

update- us

The boys keep life pretty entertaining for us.  

I am enjoying my noisy, energetic life at home.  I sleep very well at night and have gained impressive reaction time to objects flying at my head.

The boys wait by the window for RB's arrival and have his entire evening planned out the moment he steps through the door.  RB is applying for a fellowship in joint replacements and will be starting his final year of residency in July.


AnnDee said...

Carolee! Love your little family of boys. Could it get any better?? Seriously, they are so adorable. How long will RB's fellowshipe be? 3 years? Where do you want to go, any place more promising than another? You are getting to the end... but then it seems like not really. haha. It will happen soon, and be rolling in the dough. right.
I see Noah on the piano -- is he doing a string intrument? I am thinking of putting Jake in piano in addition to violin, because violin is just not as practical as piano. Luke only does piano. Hmmm... decisions!!! Anyway -- your Christmas card was DARLING. Wish you lived closer and we could see you guys. Enjoy that sleep your getting (I haven't quite found that happy place yet.. :)

Ryan Haywood Olds said...

You guys are super cute! Boy do I miss both of ya!

Nicole said...

Keep the pictures coming!