Friday, October 24, 2014

Hello, Utah

Salt Lake has been treating us well, so far.  RB is well underway with his year long joints replacement fellowship at the University of Utah.  While he still pulls in some long days, the hours are a vast improvement from residency.  

The weather has been beautiful and I still can't get used to the amazing mountain backdrop.  

We took the boys up to Olympic Park in Park City a few weeks ago.  While the ropes course was a bit intense at times, they all survived.  Little Mal was the only one who managed to do it with a smile.  (Not that I blame them, I'm pretty sure I would've quit way before the end.)

 This shot captures the varying degrees of enthusiasm about the next activity.

So glad to now have time to hang out with this guy.

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Chris said...

Ha ha ha ha, i like how much Mal it loving it!