Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First Attempt at biking in St. George

Over Thanksgiving break, we headed down to do some exploring in southern Utah.  With a dog, six bikes, and four little boys, we made our way to St. George to test out some trails.

The first leg of the trip was great- even Theo on his balance bike was able to keep up a pretty good pace.  

Then we decided to stop and get a few pictures off the paved trail...


 as luck would have it, as we were busy coaxing smiles out of our boys, some of the biggest thorns you've ever seen were coaxing air out of 4 of our tires.

So, the second half of the ride was not quite as enjoyable as the first.  Theo couldn't/wouldn't ride any longer, and since RB had taken a couple boys, with now flat tires, back, I got to carry him the whole way.  He must have been exhausted because he fell asleep on my shoulders.  And, as comfortable as this looks, this is how he stayed for the last few miles...  

Good times.

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