Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Christmas in July

Yes, it may be July now, but there are a few things I want to remember about this past Christmas.  One being that our boys were the perfect ages to REALLY get into it.  I think we were on Christmas countdown the day after Halloween.

In an attempt to make the move here to Salt Lake as easy as possible, we brought as little as possible.  Meaning very few Christmas decorations.  These little artists were happy to make up for what we lacked.

As we unpacked our fake tree and started decorating it, I noticed Malcolm staring at it a bit concerned.  He didn't say anything until it was all finished...

"So, mom, I thought when we put the ornaments and lights on the tree it would look bigger.  You know, like a regular Christmas tree?"

It's amazing to me the things they don't notice at times and the things they DO notice.  He got over our shrimpy tree eventually, well, pretty much anyway.

Each year RB's family does a hand made gift exchange.  While our family has become notorious for giving calendars and quilts, we decided to mix it up this year.  Here are Aunt Julia and Uncle Chris with their brand new, hand crafted nativity set.  The boys were very proud.

And perhaps one of the biggest highlights of all this Christmas, for this family anyway, was staying up late and watching this:

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