Sunday, November 4, 2007

Proud moments in fatherhood

Calvin is special. This feeling was reaffirmed when we arrived to a local Halloween party and saw the other children in their costumes. Girls were either princesses or fairies, and all of the other little boys were superheroes, cowboys, pirates, various animals, or pro-athletes.
Then there was Calvin... the giant snowball.

We still haven't a clue where Calvin found this inspiration (especially after a long, hot summer), but he was adamant about his decision. RB and I tried our hardest to sway him, offering a cool new cowboy hat, light saber or pirate's sword if he would reconsider - but his mind was made up. A preview of things to come occurred at gymnastics a few weeks ago:

Calvin was sitting in a circle with the 10 other children in his class. This was the final day of gymnastics, so all the parents were invited to sit inside the gym as well. Before every class his teachers ask a question that all the kids answer in turn and today it was, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Knowing our son, I was definitely curious about what Calvin would say. After hearing the first few responses, "doctor," "singer," "fireman," ... repeat ... I assumed that he would follow and pick one of the apparently popular answers. Calvin's response- as usual- caught me and everyone else off guard as he stated,
"When I grow up I'm going to be a giant snowball."

After making sure they had heard him correctly and waiting for the suppressed laughter from the other parents to stop, the kind teachers both smiled and wished him luck.

Luckily, Noah doesn't talk. That meant that we could make him anything we wanted. Given his figure, complexion, and uncontrollable sweet tooth, we both decided that he would make the perfect Hansel (unfortunately there was no Gretel to go with him).

We're pretty sure he liked our idea.


One of Calvin's costume stipulations was that he have actual snowballs to throw at people. After much debate, he finally accepted the fact that it was impossible that they be made of real snow.

This is a special sweater- given to RB as a baby from his Grandma Jones from when she lived in Norway.

(Our sweet little Hansel would only sit still if he had a grape in his mouth.)

Apparently snowballs don't travel well in car seats.

The Halloween party's costume parade was an especially enjoyable time. As the superheroes, fairies, and Calvin marched by, we tried not to laugh and wondered what he'll have in store for us next year.


Carol said...

Very creative Calvin! Keep it up!!!
Good luck Care!

Julia said...

hahahahahaha! You may deny your artistic talents rb, but your son is picking up all the loose ends! What a little cream puff he is! And Bubba looks SO cute! He looks more like Augustus Glooo though...

Michael & Ashley said...

This reminds me of that time in college, Bob, when even though everyone thought it was crazy, you demanded to be Gretel for halloween. The apples don't fall far I guess.

P.S. your kids are cute and hilarious; always good for a laugh.

Kris said...

Hilarious. Leave it up to Calvin. I love it.

Andréa said...

love the costumes! did you make them? did I tell you that my husband Brant served his mission in Ohio?

Kristin said...

I love this custom, what a great kid. I found your site from Val, Good luck with school, its a long road, but worth it in the end, at least thats what everyone keeps telling me. We'll see if they are true in a couple more years.

joe said...

maybe next year he can be a rainbow!