Friday, November 9, 2007

Things I thought I'd never see: Part 1

It only took 3 years and about 4 months to see Calvin finally at a loss for words. A few months ago Calvin accompanied me to the very prestigious Great Clips so I could get my hair cut. The highlight of his experience was easily the big bowl of suckers by the cashier. The answer to the old tootsie-pop question about how many licks it takes to get to the middle... - the answer is exactly $9 worth of hair technician's work.

Today I made the trek back to be made presentable, again with mini-me at my side. He chattered the whole way in the car about which color sucker he was going to pick out and how 'yummy' it was going to be. We got inside and his eyes fixated on his prize. In an effort to keep him preoccupied, I told him that he couldn't open his lollipop until it was my turn to 'get my itchies off.'

Some random guy walked then into the salon, checked in, grabbed a sucker, and sat down a few seats away from Calvin - who, now aware that there had been a breach in protocol - pointed his finger at the perpetrator and exclaimed that 'he was being a bad boy because he wasn't waiting to eat is sucker.' As the guy laughed and said something about being sorry for setting a bad example, the girl who was just finishing her haircut paid and walked right out the door. Calvin about lost it. 'DADDY, DADDY she didn't get her sucker!' He had jumped down off his chair and started to chase her towards her car before I was able to grab him and tell him that not everybody wanted suckers. He was stunned, and just sort of stared off in disbelief. The incident reminded me of a stand-up routine I had heard of Jerry Seinfeld on a kid's perception of Halloween.

Calvin got his sucker (neon blue), and I had the pleasure of seeing - for just a moment - Calvin completely speechless.


Kris said...

If I could have just seen the look on your face.......

Steph said...

Everyone in my office loves hearing the new news about my hilarious nephews. Thanks for your stories!