Thursday, April 3, 2008

Derby 2008

Last year Calvin and his Lightning McQueen managed to win 1st place at our ward's pinewood derby. He and RB were very proud.Although we were unable to bring home another plastic golden trophy this year, Daddy and boys had a wonderful time carving, painting, and racing. Calvin chose to make a monster truck- Gravedigger- complete with hand-painted green flames and pirate flag. Noah went with a simpler semi-truck named Bubbabilt.

(very proud)

When Noah found out that he couldn't be the one racing his truck down the track, he turned all of his attention to the refreshments.
(Noah ran out of refreshments)


Kristin said...

What a great ward that does this for the little guys as well as the big guys. I'm dreading when my boys start scouts, I know it is just one more thing I"M going to do.

Dehner Family said...

Those are seriously impressive looking cars! Cute pictures.

Good job on your run today. You were flying. You'll do awesome next week... I already have butterflies - I'm going to be a nervous wreck all week long.

Laurie said...

What? Why are they starting pinewood derby so young? I'm seriously sticking my head in the sand trying to avoid all things scouting related until absolutely necessary.

Cool cars though. :)

Valerie said...

Those trucks turned out awesome! And I loved the pics. of Noah enjoying his refreshments. Care you look so cute in the pictures too. We need to see more of shots of you in your posts :)