Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's a race, of course.

I arrived at Calvin's school yesterday morning just ahead of the bus. Seeing this, Calvin immediately demanded that I hurry and unbuckle him. Once freed, and with no goodbyes, he set off on a very brisk walk to the sidewalk.

I noticed him take a sideways glance at the three children getting off the bus, then all of a sudden he bolted into a sprint. He wasn't the only one. Right behind him was a cute little girl with pink bows and dark curls running faster than I would have guessed possible. As she started to catch up, my polite little boy stiff-armed her and upped his speed even more.

Noah, apparently watching as well, started calling from the window, "Go, Calvin, go!!" The sweet nun who was supposed to accompany them didn't even bother calling out, as they were too far ahead. Calvin managed to reach the door first and, with a single fist-pump, walked inside. I couldn't figure out what I had missed that started this.

When I picked Calvin up from school later that day, I asked him what happened this morning. His only reply, "I beat Emma".


Laurie said...

You can't have had boys for this long and not realized that EVERYTHING is a race?

I'll tell you, that Calvin is a kick. He cracks me up.

Kevy said...

From that picture I can see that he is starting to acquire proper acceleration mechanics. Great knee punch and full extension. These are key when trying to win a race. The stiff arm helps a lot too though.