Wednesday, October 21, 2009

to remember:

(pen just stopped writing)
: Mom,
this pen just ran out of crayon gas.

(after a soccer game to a girl on the opposing team)
Calvin: Hi. We dominated you.
Me: Calvin, you shouldn't say that.
Calvin: But mom, we dominated her off.

(yelling to a passing car while riding his bike)
Calvin: Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!
-Driver then stops, rolls down window-
Calvin: Excuse me, please don't crush me.

(in the car, out running errands)
Mom, do you not know many things?
Me: Well, I know some things.
Calvn: Ok, good. Tell me them, I need to know everything you know.

(another backseat conversation overheard)
Calvin: I have a great idea, Noah. You can be my padawan. I'll be your master.
Noah: Ok, Calvin.
Calvin: No, no. You say "ok. MASTER"
Noah: Ok, Master.
Calvin: Good job, padawan.


kristi lee said...

BOYS! Love 'em.

Kevy said...

I thought I was reading an old Calvin and Hobbs book. You should start adding cartoons they would make excellent comic books

Paradise Found said...

Your blog is always good for a laugh. Love your boys! and those aviator shades :)

Andréa Morrow said...

Your boys and my girls would get along just fine :) I never thought other kids would have similar imagination and creativity..but your boys are hilarious! I hope I can meet them someday

Keriann said...

Glad you are enjoying your boys so much, that's the best. Your views from your deck are so beautiful and green.

Craw papa said...

I'm always up for a good Calvin commentary on any subject! He's hilarious!

Marie said...

Calvin is always so cute in Primary. I am always waiting for him to answer a question . He has the best answers and he's so smart. Your boys are so adorable

Schmoe said...

Calvin: "i'm very excited to meet your husband, uncle joe!"