Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life Adventures

Volunteering in Calvin's class allows me to experience proud moments like this:

Calvin's latest writing assignment at school was to focus on their class hermit crabs. The kids brainstormed ideas for possible subjects and came up with an exciting list including: soil, water vapor, body parts, and diet. Calvin apparently had a different genre in mind, as he suggested"life adventures" be added in the mix.

After the allotted time for writing passed, the children gathered in a circle to share their stories with the class. After hearing the very informative stories of the other seven kids, it was Calvin's turn.

He started by proudly holding overhead his illustration with what looked like an erupting volcano and hermit crabs parachuting down from the sky. He enthusiastically started reading, "Watch out, hermit crabs! The hot lava is coming!" From there, his plot eventually led to the crabs making it into the "magical coconut hut" just in time to be transported to another magical place.

Trying to encourage his excitement about writing, his teacher asked where his hermit crabs would go next. After a split-second hesitation he said with wide-eyes, "to the Valley of DOOM!"


shlopp said...

if only you guys kept more guns around the house, then maybe the parachuting crabs would have wielded semi-automatic weapons as they fought off the invading lava monsters.

what i'm trying to say is, basically, guns are the only way to improve calvin's already-nobel laureate-worthy piece.

for more information on this vital topic, please see chapter 6 of joe's parenting guide: sound advice from the guy with no kids .

~LisaLou~ said...

Ahhhhh...Care, I love reading your blog. Your boys are so funny! I hope the pirate had a sense of humor!

AnnDee said...

I cannot WAIT to see what types of adventures Calvin creates as an adult. He will be one successful little guy with that imagination (or at least enjoy anything that comes his way!!)

I love looking at all the great photos you guys take of your boys. They are adorable.

Are you going to run the St.George Marathon? I'm still thinking about it! We should do it. We are totally missing our friends these days. Wish we were close enough to do play dates!! :)

Jake n Luke have a pictures to send to Calvin and Noah -- I just need to get them sent!! So hopefully that will happen in the next few days -- fingers crossed. :)

Kirsten said...

I seriously love your blog. I love the stories and I love your cute boys!!! You guys are missed and its so fun hearing what you are up to! How's residency going for you?