Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Calvin the mascot

Calvin hit the big time when named official mascot of our intramural soccer team this summer. It was a big break for him as he's been trying to latch on to a team for some time now. He spent most of his time heckling opponents, yelling for the "good team" to run faster and not mess up, and stealing whomever's gatorade or girlfriend happened to be in his vicinity on the sidelines.

Coaches/mascots get thirsty, too

It was a long hard road for Calvin, which involved a few late nights, a very intriguing marching band practice on an adjacent field, and one minor collision near the touch line (Calvin quickly let everyone know that he was ok because he was a "big boy").

We, with our favorite little 3 year old prancing along the sidelines, were finally able to nab the league's coveted t-shirts.

Football season is around the corner, and Calvin has been perfecting his stiff arm, spin move, and open field tackling just in case...


Kris said...

Finally you guys caught up to modern times. Isn't this better than sending out e-mails all the time???

daveandbri said...

Yes, we've been waiting rather impatiently for some updates on you guys. Glad we won't have to wait until the annual Christmas card this time. I love the dialogue you posted Carolee. So funny and what a good idea. We miss you guys!

Michael & Ashley said...

Ashley just told me that all the things I want to say about your soccer "championship" and you in general are not appropriate for a family blog. So ugh.

But your kids are really cute.

Over and out.