Sunday, October 28, 2007

testosterone spike

Aunt Mary, Uncle Sidney, Uncle Willie, and Oma

When "the bus" rolled in to our place, Calvin was beside himself. He absolutely loves all of his aunts, uncles, and grandparents. They represent non-stop entertainment, no naps, and late bedtimes. Even though it was a short visit, Calvin and Noah made the most of it and are still trying to adjust back to the boring life with just mommy and daddy.

With Calvin and Uncle Willie, it's always hard to determine exactly when the hug becomes a strangle hold.

Calvin was introduced to a new big boy movie- TMNT (the new animated teenage mutant ninja turtles). During an especially loud scene, I came in to find Calvin and Willie frozen behind the coffee table. When I asked Calvin if he wanted me to turn it off, he answered with a shaky voice, eyes still glued to the tv: "No mom, this is a big boy show. It's too scary for you. I'm brave."

Uncle Sid is always a good sport when it comes to playing with the little guys, but RB enjoyed his company too since it meant that he had a xbox partner now whenever he could find a spare minute to play. Sidney's memorable quote of the trip: "Why is it that the only things girls ever talk about are clothes and food?"
Sadly, there was a little too much truth to that for me to really argue the point.

Being around his uncles really brings out Calvin's manly side.
Uncle Willie and Sidney always have lots of helpful things to teach him that I cannot. For instance, Calvin now knows the power ranger stance and what a light saber is and how to use one on an unsuspecting target- like myself or Noah. His new favorite game to play is "Tackle-Wrestle" which is a whole lot of fun when the uncles and RB are around, but not so much when it's just, once again, Noah and me. The other change I've noticed is his fixation on hunting. Normally when I ask Calvin what he wants to do he replies with one of the following: "go to the park," " zoo," or "library." He now says, "Mom I need to go hunting and shoot some elk. Then I'll take out the elk meat and we can eat it." He obviously doesn't understand what this actually entails, because he told RB a week or two ago that he would find an elk to shoot and that tomatoes would come out, and that we'd then have tomatoes to eat. I guess it's sweet that he feels the desire to provide for our family, right?

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