Saturday, October 13, 2007

get your own pumpkins...

Calvin and Noah have been experiencing pumpkin envy. Every time we go on a walk, they go up and gently touch each one they see sitting on our neighbors' porches, and Calvin mumbles about getting one of his very own. After hearing good things about Lynd's Fruit farm, only "about thirty minutes" away[RB edit - this was passed on to me as being "just on Morse Road" - implying an even closer destination], I decided that we would all have a great time picking apples and pumpkins from one of our local Ohio farmers.

Remaining true to form, complications with a few minor details in my directions took us on a lovely hour-plus long scenic drive through the outskirts of Columbus. After stopping only twice for directions, we eventually made it. Despite the chilly temperature, upon arrival the apples were bright and within reach and the pumpkins were plentiful and plump. Calvin learned that apples really do grow on trees and Noah continued his study on The Edible Outdoors.

I choose this one.

slightly enthused

our harvest

Finding the largest one in the entire patch, Calvin finally gave this pumpkin his seal of approval.

After finally deciding which two pumpkins were the best, the boys put up their guard and kept a wary eye on the potential pumpkin-stealing children circling nearby.


janice said...

Those are some great pumpkins. Tell Calvin to pick one out for
Grammy. Be sure and post after
it becomes a jack-o-latern.

Julia said...

Those are some beautiful colors... Rb, are you sure you want to do med school?
And Noah is getting so big! And his hair is getting SO long! I have the cutest nephews! (not to mention that no one in this family seems to be able to get married and procreate)

Michael & Ashley said...

These pictures are really cute; your boys are hilarious. If it weren't still 90 degrees here, maybe we could have some fall experiences like this. Maybe there is something redeeming about Colombus.

Kris said...

I remember going to the pumpkin patch as a kid. It was fun but I hated the cold weather!

By the way, it's sunny and 85 here in L.A. if anyone cares, haha.