Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dream fulfilled... thanks Home Depot

Calvin had the best Saturday morning of his life this weekend. (To Noah, everyday is the best day.) We just discovered that the friendly folks at Home Depot host a free kids workshop once a month. Included are the always cool orange aprons, a ready to assemble wooden toy kit, and snacks. This month's project happened to be a fire engine- Calvin's new fascination- and so they invited the local fire department as well. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of this dream come true for the boys, but it was a fun time for all and we even made it back home for the morning session of conference.

Here the boys are trying to figure out where to start. Noah chose the glue- easiest to digest.
Calvin chose the hammer- greatest threat to everyone's safety.

Concentration at it's greatest... good thing RB doesn't have any future plans riding on those fingers.

Fatigued from the manual labor, Noah sits back and enjoys his well deserved granola bar.

Calvin kept his game face on through to the very last swing of the hammer.

Now to check out the real thing...

Calvin is amazed at the similarities between his newly created fire truck and the real thing. His is better, he quickly informs us.

This truly is a dream come true- every time we pass a fire engine, Calvin always asks if he can drive it. Now I won't have to crash a preschool field trip to the fire station.



Anonymous said...

How cute is that?! FUN! you guys have such an adorable family! I'm glad Calvin is learning how to use a hammer, he can come over whenever he wants to hammer my coffee table, it just has to be a plastic hammer, not metal! :)

Andréa said...

Carolee.. glad to see your cute family, finally! how are you guys doing? I'm excited to see your blog :) I love those kid sayings! keep in touch

Steph said...

Care and ribbi! Cal looks so good in the driver seat of that firetruck. I see a future! :)

su-tang 3000 said...

I've been hoping to learn how to build a fire truck myself. Off to the Home Depot!!!

Cindy said...

Hey Care! The boys looked like they had so much fun! I am still hoping to come out and visit you guys! I love you!

Andréa said...

hey I set my blog to private, so if you can't access it, email me your email address so I can add you: