Sunday, September 30, 2007

RB's hidden artist

While messing around with photoshop, RB discovered a way to overlay pictures. So here is a cool collage that he put together. Although he'll deny it to his death, he definitely has an artist's eye for photography. This was from the NYC trip with Uncle Willie.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A day in the life of Calvin...

As many of you already know, Calvin is never wrong, never intimidated, and never gives up until he gets his way. Not a big surprise looking at his dad I suppose, but it still never ceases to amaze me that it all starts this young. Just to give you a glimpse of what I am blessed to experience everyday, here are a few excerpts from some of Calvin's conversations on Wednesday:

[driving to violin lessons]
"Oooh mommy, look at that Porsche. You need to beat him."
"Calvin, that car is actually called a Mercedes but yes, it is very fast."
"No mom. Actually it IS a Porsche."
"No Calvin, see the emblem? That means it's a Mercedes."
[Thoughtful pause]
"Mommy in Dutch we say PORSCHE. In English we say
that other thing. Can you say PORSCHE, mommy?"

[during his first violin lesson with about 10 older students and their parents]
"Excuse me teacher, but where is my violin?"
"Well Calvin, first you must practice on your pretend one for
a little while, then you will get a violin of your very own."
"Well, can I just borrow yours for a second?"
"Alright, now it's time to perform solos. Calvin, since you haven't
learned a song on your violin yet, why don't you show us how to
[awkward squat/bow]
"And now I would like to sing a song."

"Oh, alright. What song would you like to sing?"
"Ummm, how about Baby Shark?"
[Then proceeds to ad lib lyrics to his new song "Baby Shark" while a red-faced mommy stares in unbelief]

[way past bedtime in mommy and daddy's bed while RB is on call]
"Mommy, it's not bedtime, it's time to play, play, play. I just want to play all the time."
"I know Calvin, but it's almost midnight. You need to go to sleep now."
"Mommy, there's a hurting in my tummy. I need some food."
"Sorry Calvin, it's not time to eat right now. It's time to go to sleep."
"Sooo hungry."
[thrashing around in bed]
"hungry, hungry,..."
[more thrashing]


"Mommy my little tummy is so sick for food. Do you see how it's squishy?"
[trying to suck in his very round belly]
"That means it needs more food."

[I sigh, defeated, trying to suppress my laughter]
"Fine Calvin. I'll go get you one string cheese. But that's it."
[Calvin does his best puppy dog eyes]
"Not cheddar cheese?"

"Fine. One piece of cheddar cheese. Then you'd better go to sleep."
[now confident]
"Good. I want one big square piece. Not round mommy, and no broken corners and..."

I'm sure I should be concerned about how much power this three year-old wields in our home. The thing is, I don't realize exactly how much control I've lost until I find that it's past midnight and I am in the kitchen trying to cut a perfectly square piece of cheddar cheese.

I'm nervous to find out what tricks innocent Bubba Noah has up his tight little sleeves.