Friday, September 23, 2011

Noah's near death experience

Picking up Noah from school the other day, I noticed he still had an unopened granola bar from his lunch. As he climbed in the back, I instructed him not to open it in the car because of the mess the crumbs would make.

Three minutes later, we arrived home. I opened his door and saw a now empty granola bar wrapper on the seat. Before I could say anything, he defended his action with the most serious face he could manage:

Mom, I was ACTUALLY starving. And I didn't want to die.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

the end of bikini season

Driving home from soccer practice a few weeks ago, Calvin was lamenting the fact that he hadn't been fishing in a while:

Mom, Dad promised me he'd take me fishing again and he hasn't yet."

He just took you last week on our trip to Missouri."

Well, I meant here. We haven't gone here yet and it's already the end of bikini season."

... the end of what?"

Mom, the end of bikini season- it means summer."

Well, ... let's just say 'summer'."