Sunday, May 18, 2014


Now that central PA has finally thawed, our Saturdays are back to the all day sports-and-suckers fest we're used to.

All of Malcolm's off-season "tackle-wrestle" training in the basement has come in handy.  Not a bit afraid of getting a little physical:

(Post-goal fist-pump)

Suckers at half-time are now wholly expected.

Noah's still batting 1.000 in the coach pitch league.

(At this level, half the battle is beating your fellow in-fielders)

(obviously, Calvin has something to say...)

And here's what the field looks like at 9:30pm:

Thursday, May 8, 2014




Good times at the Buckeye spring football game.

Mal turns 5

This crazy-eyed little guy turned 5 last month.  We sure love our car-racing, tower-building, violin-playing Malcolm.