Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Little Rascals

I've been gone for a while doing a rotation up in Michigan. This week is nice because I have no responsibilities and can stay at home with the boys. I've missed out on the daily goings-on with the little guys. For example...

Calvin just came up to me and said:

"Dad, I did my homework and all of my stuff, so Mom said I can watch a show. Please put on Little Rascals."

Before I could respond, he continued:

"And if you don't put on Little Rascals I'll... [here he paused as I turned to look at him] ... not do anything bad, but I'll keep asking you and asking you and asking you."

Noah waddled out of the crib after his nap and came up to me and said, "Daddy... really... really... really... hungry... cake."

They're my boys all right.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Pumpkin Fairy

While in Missouri, Oma took the boys to a pumpkin patch. Noah, never one for listening much anyway, needed no instruction and immediately marched right over to the pumpkins and began inspecting...

...eventually he found one

...and Uncle Willie found a few more.

Here is how you get a pumpkin picked by Uncle Sidney safely home:

While at the patch, we had a wonderful visit from the Pumpkin Fairy (aka Mrs. Johnson). The boys were showered with bags FULL of goodies and huge jars of animal crackers. The fairy also told them a wonderful story that Calvin still talks about involving a magic "pumpkin power" ring that can turn all the pumpkins to life.

Though Noah listened skeptically, all the other little boys completely bought it.

enjoying their goodies:

the proud pickers