Monday, July 8, 2013

another kindergarten grad/ mr. quackers

This little guy is now an official 1st grader.  They take graduating kindergarten pretty seriously at St. Cyril's, so there was a full on cap and gown ceremony.  (Perhaps overkill, but adorable nonetheless)

So, now that Noah is moving on to bigger things, it's Malcolm's turn to don the SkyLander's backpack and head off to preschool in a few months.  He's just a little excited...

Before the school year ended, they had "move-up day", where all incoming students got to attend class for a few hours.  The night before, I was explaining to Malcolm what was going to happen, and asked if he wanted to know his new teacher's name (whom he has never met).  The exchange was classic Malcolm:

 "I already know his name."

"You do?"

"Yes.  His name is Mr. Quackers."

"No, Malcolm. Your teacher is a girl and her name is Ms. Fallen."

"No, it's Mr. Quackers.  I always call him that."

Sometimes, there's no point in arguing with this one.