Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Runaway Tooth by Calvin Jones

Calvin entered our local PBS station's writing contest and won first place with this story.  He gets to be on tv next month to recieve his award. 

Calvin's comment upon hearing the good news, "I'm going to be SO famous."
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Calvin, lately

(Calvin with his den-winning derby car, "Phoenix")

Last week, Calvin running upstairs from the basement:

"Mom, I need some really strong rope."

suspicious look from me

"And a long piece of wood... aaannndd a carrot."

confused look from me

(impatient eye rolling) "Mom, I'm making a rabbit trap."



Malcolm is really into weapons right now.  Here is his "crayon shooter".  

This is his bow. 

And this is how he sleeps... should we be concerned? 

Theo likes bagels.

especially blueberry ones

Opening Day

 Baseball season is underway- Noah is ready for anything (as long as he doesn't have to actually see it).