Sunday, January 29, 2012

Malcolm's Rules for Survival

Take advantage of every situation
"Tackle-wrestle" still remains a favorite pastime for the boys. Malcolm has proven that he's one to keep an eye on, at all times. He stands back and waits for Calvin and Noah to start wrestling. As soon as one hits the ground (usually Noah) Malcolm joins in. His perfected moves include a flying "booty-bomb" to the head, rapid fire sucker punches to the stomach, or the classic blind-side tackle.

Stay one step ahead of the competition
It has become Malcolm's habit to sit on the floor in my room and play on the iPad while I get ready. He was doing just that when he heard someone coming up the stairs. His face went from smiling to concerned as he stared out to see who was coming. As soon as the unsuspecting Calvin took one step into the room, Malcolm ran straight into him, trying to knock him over, shouting, "it's MY iPad!"

Claim what's yours, quickly
Malcolm was the only one still sitting at the table when I brought out a plate of strawberries for their after-lunch treat. He carefully selected his first choice, and began nibbling away at it until Calvin showed up. Malcolm's eyes immediately narrowed, he grabbed a handful of strawberries and moved them on to his own plate. Apparently thinking this still did not provide adequate protection from a strawberry-loving older brother, Malcolm then proceeded to shove three strawberries in his mouth at once. He, of course, choked a bit, but somehow managed to get them down.