Tuesday, October 4, 2011

no soliciting

Am I the only parent who has to remind their 7 year old before he goes out to play, that he may NOT try to sell the neighbors anything?... because I do.

His latest business venture was selling "nature". He quickly assured me that he wasn't planning on keeping his $.50 profit, he would be donating it to the local flood victims.


Did we mention that this little guy started school last month?

Excited to hear all about his first day, I asked him how it went. The only reply I got was, "Mom, there's a girl in my class!"... great.

Daily after school routine:
  • carefully hang up beloved Mario backpack
  • eat a handful of goldfish
  • find Theo

the right way to make a s'more

The boys were in heaven when our friends Jason, Calvin's popsicle parade and paper airplane pal, and Charlene came for a visit. They came bearing gifts that would make any little kid's heart stop- GIANT candy (e.g. , 1/2 lb. Reeses peanut buttercups and 16 in. long twizzlers).

After grilling a delicious dinner filled with Calvin's favorite thing to eat- meat- we got to finish it off with s'mores. While the best way to make them over the grill was debatable, we all ended up in a sufficiently marshmallowy chocolate mess; evidence of the sweet time had by all.