Sunday, March 17, 2013

hat, hat

Quick update on Theo:  

He enjoys sledding, especially when he goes fast enough to make mom nervous.

Still into hats, red ones especially.

Big fan of chocolate.


When asked today in church what his favorite thing to do was, Malcolm, without hesitation, answered, "Challenge my dad".

 I'm not entirely sure what all is involved with the actual "challenging", but I do know that this little boy tells his dad each night, with a very serious face, that he needs to challenge him.  They then proceed to the basement.   

Here is the aftermath of the latest challenge:
 (Malcolm still claimed victory)

noah nightengale

Past bedtime at our house every night, if you listen carefully (or not so carefully), you will hear a sweet, little, high pitched voice singing, gabbing, or giggling.  

This is the culprit: 

I'm convinced Noah goes through life with a song constantly running through his head. 

Probably the Mario Brothers "Star Power" theme song.

counting chickens

Calvin has never lacked confidence.  Most of the time I believe that's a good thing.  Still, occasionally I wonder...

Conversation in the car, Calvin recalling a victory of some sort:

"Mom, you know that saying about counting your chickens before they hatch?"

"Well, I DID count my chickens... and they all hatched."