Sunday, August 31, 2008

Air Show

Calvin's little friend, whom he lovingly calls "Noahcrockett", invited us to a local air show. The boys, big and small, thoroughly enjoyed it. We will definitely be checking more of these out in the future.

They of course start off with their usual trick of falling asleep 5 minutes before we get there (yes, Noah fell asleep mid-granola bar).

it didn't take them long to wake up...

RB managed to get some neat shots of a few planes and I tried to recall everything I learned from TopGun to answer Calvin's questions. I'm pretty sure this one was the MiG.

The very loud F-16, which Calvin was certain was going to start dropping bombs and managed to convince the rest of the little boys of it as well.

our little "IceMan"

the insane "Wing Walker"


Kristin said...

Love your little Ice Man! Looks like a great day.

Valerie said...

What excitement!!! Good job on capturing it on your little boys' faces! Love the granola in Noah's mouth when he fell asleep, so funny!

Laurie said...

Ice Man! Does that make Calvin Maverick or Goose?

You have the best colors in your photos--I love it.

That would be great excitement for our crew.

CamilleJohnFam said...

I love the picture with Calvin's look of wonder! That's awesome that you got that on camera!

AnnDee said...

Those are some GREAT shots. It looks like the weather was perfect and the boys had a blast. Good thing everyone around here has boys! There is much to do with them for sure. PS -- I love the Calvin conversation at the park. He is so funny. "um excuse me?" is my favorite phrase, even when I hear it 15 times in one minute. :) Love those kids!!