Thursday, July 2, 2015


You may not know this about RB, but he kind of likes The Ohio State Buckeyes.  So when they made it to the first ever National Championship, it wasn't long before he figured out a way to make this happen:

And of course, he managed to get a few fellow fans to sit next to him--

namely, Anthony, Sidney, Opa, Uncle Wayne, and cousin Spencer,

Timmy from the good ol' BYU days,

and Jake from our Columbus days.

The littler fans back home wanted to join in the excitement too, so  I agreed to let Calvin invite a few buddies over for the game.  

Calvin proved to be an amazing party host.  
He supplied all of the decorations:

Carefully thought out the half-time entertainment:

 And created a menu that seemed to go over well with his guests:

As four little and one big boy told me before going to bed,
"It was a good night."

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