Wednesday, July 1, 2015

worth remembering:

In an attempt to play catch-up on the blog, I was sorting through our pics from this last year.  Between the shots of smiling little boy faces and grotesque mid-surgery hips and knees, I kept seeing photos like this:

and this:

and realized, I should probably document this little beauty, seeing that it means so much to one of us.

The dreams for this car started way back in med school with RB's fellow med student and good friend, Jason.  They had it all planned out.  After residency they would get together, head out to some dealership, and tell the dealer something along the lines of, 
"We'll take two, please.  Here are our demands..." 

I'm not sure if either one of them thought that would ever really play out, but when Jason joined a practice 20 minutes away from us in Pennsylvania, it almost began to seem possible.  Then, mother nature stepped in and helped the process along.  Sending these hailstones:

to beat down on our trusty twelve year old Golf.

After insurance claimed the Golf totalled, two happy little boys ran off to the nearest Audi dealer they could find.  I wish I had a picture of them together, but here's Jason playing it cool in front of the dealer:

Needless to say, everything worked out exactly as planned.  And they lived happily every after.

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