Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Exploring Moab- Dead Horse Point

Though it was by no means a rough winter this year, it's always nice to get away to some place a bit warmer.  So when RB found out he had a three day weekend, we did some very last minute packing and hotel hunting and managed to make a quick trip down to Moab.

Since our last biking attempt wasn't what I'd call a huge success, I was a little skeptical about trying it again.  I, of course, was out voted though, so we located some "warm up" rides on the Moab Brand Trails.

Despite being on only a balance bike, Theo was able to manage the entire trail.  Pretty impressive since he basically ran the whole time.

Seeing that we all managed to survive the first day, we decided we were ready for some "real" trails at Dead Horse Point National Park.

The boys rode like champs.  Despite making a wrong turn somewhere and ending up on an 8 mile loop instead of a 3 miler
--big parenting FAIL right there--, everyone made it out alive...
  It was a loooong day of biking.

It was pretty enough to be worth it, though.  And with just the right amount of "fruit snack power-ups" everyone finished smiling.

***Full disclosure: This last pic was taken somewhere in the middle of the ride.  They most decidedly did not look this happy when we finally finished.  At some point along the end of riding Theo kept repeating, "I'll never make it.  I'll never make it.  Am I dying, Mom?"  ... but I choose to remember it this way instead.

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